Working software is the primary measure of progress.

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Liens utiles

Window Builder Pro http://www.eclipse.org/windowbuilder/download.php
Hibernate http://wiki.objetdirect.com/expertise/Hibernate_Survival_Guide_Partie_1
JBoss tools https://tools.jboss.org/
PDT extensions p2-dev.pdt-extensions.org/
PHP Tool Integration www.phpsrc.org/eclipse/pti/
Trello : Tableaux de bord en ligne Créer un compte Trello
Online Planing pocker http://www.planitpoker.com/
Code quality https://sourcemaking.com
php benchmarks https://phpmybenchmarks.kobject.net
Online UML tool https://yuml.me
Online regex tool https://regex101.com
Online Syntax highlighter https://pinetools.com/syntax-highlighter

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